Platform Rendering Work Weeks in Taipei

The Platform Rendering team is back in Taiwan this month. This time, we’ve split the team across 3 work weeks (Media, Layout, and Graphics.) This lets us focus on the issues specific to each team but still allow for free time to hack and socialize.

Here’s the week’s agenda for the Platform Media team:

10th March
11th March
12th March
13th March
14th March
10:00 – 10:55 Introduction / Lightning talks
Anthony Jones
Platform Decoder Modules, MP4
Chris Pearce
Media Stream Graph Refactoring
Paul Adenot
Stingray – Introduction and demo of TV
Content enablement session
Chris / Ide
11:00 – 11:55 Beginner’s guide to <video> code
Chris Pearce
“MediaCodec for playback”
Bruce Sun
“Video Codec Resource
Blake Wu
“Adjust priority/nice value for media playback threads”
Star Cheng
JW Wang
Stingray – Introduction of hardware
Shumway (Mozilla Flash Player)
Jet Villegas
13:00 – 13:55
14:00 – 14:55 Process reflection
Anthony Jones
Async Decoder Changes
Chris Pearce
Tim Terriberry
Stringray – AV related achetecture
TaskTracer Demo
Shelly Lin
4th floor, Mozspace
15:00 – 15:55 Pre-Discussion about Panasonic TV
Shelly Lin
New Recording Features
John Lin
Video Recording
Randy Lin
Seccomp etc
Paul Terriault
Stringray – GFX related achetecture
Hell Kitty
Chris Pearce
16:00 : 16:55 Manager Session
Anthony Jones
Chaos mode debugging and rr
Robert O’Callahan
Media Source Extensions
Chris Double
Our Proposals for Panasonic TV
Shelly Lin
Chris Pearce
19:00 – Team dinner @ Din-Tai-Fung, Taipei 101

Here’s the week’s agenda for the Platform Layout team:

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
9am SVG buffered-rendering (small group) Elephant Mountain walk
10am lightning talks (jet) Shipping CSS Variables (heycam) Vertical Text (smontagu) OMTA (birtles)
11am position:sticky (kip) CSS scroll snapping (roc) Platform Priorities (jet) CSS flexbox (dholbert)
Noon Lunch Lunch Lunch Lunch Lunch
1pm free vsync/refresh driver Platform Priorities (jet)
2pm Intro to Layout (roc/dbaron) rr & chaos (roc) use of performance tools demo (dbaron) SVG performance work (small group requested by Taiwan based employees) (jwatt) wifi display demo (kenchang)
3pm Selection (roc) competitive & standards landscape (dbaron) XPCOM and String classes (dbaron) (hopefully 4th floor) B2G Layout Discussion (jet)
4pm free Moz2D (small group) Platform Priorities (jet) tbd
5pm Restyle performance patch testing (heycam,vilin,cjku) tbd
6pm Team Dinner tbd

This morning, the Layout team decided to take a walk up to Elephant Mountain near the office. A walk in the park with the Layout team has equal parts of viewing the scenery, and discussing rendering issues for Chinese text (both horizontal and vertical!) It was quite fun.


I’ll post the Platform Graphics team agenda in two weeks after they’re in Taiwan for their work week. Apologies for the use of acronyms and unfamiliar jargon as the Rendering teams often use these terms to describe complex features. Send me a comment if I can help clarify anything.

The Taiwan teams have been very gracious and welcoming as always. See you all again soon!