An imposter among you

I’m blessed to live and work with the smartest people I know. I’ve been at it for many years. In fact, I’m quite certain some of them are among the smartest people on the planet. I cherish the knowledge and support they freely share yet I frequently wonder why they tolerate me in their midst.  I’ve experienced Imposter Syndrome from an early age, and I’m still driven to tears when I think about it. Why do I deserve to be in the midst of the greatness I’ve surrounded myself with? It’s worse when I get credit, as I feel like I’ll surely be figured out as the fraud now that everyone’s looking.

I’ll just leave this here as I suspect there are many others around me who have this affliction. If nothing else, I’m right there with you—for real.

FirefoxOS Dev Quick Start

B2G_dev_envI’m posting the steps I took to create the FirefoxOS dev environment for the Flame device. We use the Flame as our reference device on the Platform Rendering team. I had to re-do this recently on a new computer and I figure this might help others in the same boat. These steps assume you can already build the desktop version of Firefox on your computer.

  1. Get ADB
  2. Turn on ADB debugging on your device.
  3. Download the latest base image ( at the time of this writing.)
  4. Unzip the base image archive and run the script to update your phone to the latest base image. You’ll need to re-enable ADB debugging after this step.
  5. Clone the B2G repository and follow the prerequisite steps for local builds.
    Note: the device we target for the step is flame-kk (not the older flame device.)
  6. Get a coffee and wait for the long source download.
  7. Run ./ in the B2G source directory to build.
  8. Run ./ in the B2G source directory to put your new build on to your phone.