My name is Jethro Villegas—most people call me Jet. I work on the Mozilla Firefox browser. Prior to working on Firefox, I managed Software Engineering for the Adobe Flash Player. Before that, I was the Engineering Manager and Software Architect for the Adobe Flash Professional product. I’ve also worked on a bunch of other software.

This blog is about my personal views on Software Development and other topics that I care about. The views expressed herein are my own and do not necessarily reflect the views of people or companies I work with.

I frequently speak and present at conferences and lectures. If you would like me to speak at your conference or class, please send me a note.

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  1. Hello, I wonder how you managed to get to work in fire fox
    I am a 19 year old and I have a training “software programmer” are what’s possible after I finished the training to access the job as in fire fox or google chrome or something like that
    me because I like computers and dévloppement answer me thank you for jet

  2. If you’re interested in working on Firefox or other web browsers, I recommend you take classes in C/C++ and get a solid foundation in algorithms and data structures in school. You can also download the source code for Firefox and start hacking on it. Once you’ve done that, try to find or fix a bug in Firefox:


  3. Dear jet,
    How are you ?
    My name is Abtisam. I am a student of Computer science. My aim is to become a great developer and work with really huge organizations like Mozilla, Microsoft or Google. But unfortunately i am not financially well established…not able to take part in different short courses like other people do. Kindly explain me what can i do for achieve my goals. And kindly give me your personal email id of Facebook. So i am able to take further help from you.

    with best regards,

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