An imposter among you

I’m blessed to live and work with the smartest people I know. I’ve been at it for many years. In fact, I’m quite certain some of them are among the smartest people on the planet. I cherish the knowledge and support they freely share yet I frequently wonder why they tolerate me in their midst.  I’ve experienced Imposter Syndrome from an early age, and I’m still driven to tears when I think about it. Why do I deserve to be in the midst of the greatness I’ve surrounded myself with? It’s worse when I get credit, as I feel like I’ll surely be figured out as the fraud now that everyone’s looking.

I’ll just leave this here as I suspect there are many others around me who have this affliction. If nothing else, I’m right there with you—for real.

3 thoughts on “An imposter among you

  1. Two answers:
    – A good manager identifies what everyone can contribute. I had a colleague once who wasn’t the best programmer, but boy did he make it a great working environment for everyone else.

    – Most endeavours don’t require brilliance. Hard work beats smart most of the time.

  2. Impostor syndrome? Shumway is a pretty amazing achievement. It may give Flash the immortality that it didn’t give its proprietary self.

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